FEIL offers extensive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services that cover the entire gamut of call/contact centre and back-office transaction processing.

Our Business Process Outsourcing from FEIL have been broadly categorized as:

  • Telemarketing – Outbound Sales Support

  • Solutions for the Travel and Leisure Industry

Telemarketing – Outbound Sales Support


Acquisition philosophy is based on offering the right products and services to the right groups of customers at the right time. Customer acquisition is a result of our continuous practice of delivering high customer satisfaction. We consider Customer Acquisition as a vital business function that harnesses marketing energy, turning more prospects into customers.

  • Cold Calling (New Customer Acquisition and Company Branding)
    Our tremendous experience in handling customer care calls helps our customers acquire new customers while increasing the loyalty and satisfaction of their current customer base.

  • Sales Email 
    Our unique email sales channel provides customers with another channel to improve sales, our email team quickly analyses queries on products and pulls out the most effective and appropriate sales related answers and replies to the customer instantaneously. The team works on innovative custom designed templates to answer queries as soon as we receive the query.

Customer Care

Customer Care Service includes Customer Support and Customer Relation building. Our highly skilled and dedicated representatives are trained in your products and services to offer the best customer service. Customer relations as a part of the retention exercise has proven to be highly effective in increasing loyalty of a customer. The Team proactively calls the customer and receives any feedback and solve any queries they have.

  • Customer Relations
    Good customer service is no longer enough for high customer retention and loyalty. Customer retention now requires going that extra mile. This is where FEIL can aid by managing inbound lines of loyalty programs and inbound promotional calls.

  • Customer Services
    Customer service Support manages customer concerns and queries through multiple channels including voice, e-mail and chat on a 24/7 basis. Examples of this include customers calling to check on their order status, check for information on products and services, verify their account status, check their reservation status etc.

  • E-Mail Support
    Our skilled and technically qualified agents keep a constant check of mails that are coming in from your customers and within a pre-defined time attend to these mails.


Good customer retention is vital to any organization because a slight reduction in the customer defection rate has a disproportionately positive effect on profitability.FEIL provides systematic and proactive “Customer Feedback” and “Data analysis” to maintain and improve customer satisfaction leading to customer retention. This includes Surveys and Customer Satisfaction and  Win Back Programs.


Our whole approach is geared to work with you to supply a comprehensive accounts receivable management service that will dovetail your own credit control and work hard for your specific business. These services are offered to both B2B and B2C.

Enhanced Growth

FEIL’s cross-sell and up-sell campaigns are designed to increase customer retention and customer relationship by promoting specific products to existing targeted customers. These campaigns can function independently of your planned marketing and sales initiatives or, for highest impact, can be fully integrated into your existing programs.

  • Up-selling
    Your business may have products and services that can be sold in conjunction with other products and services. Whilst we answer inbound technical support / customer support queries, our trained agents identify opportunities and up-sell complementary products and services.

  • Cross-selling
    The professionals at FEIL adopt the practice of selling other products at the same time as the principal product purchased by the customer. These additional products will be components of the same system as the principal product. We treat the cross-selling process like a suggestion so customers will volunteer more information about their requirements.

Solutions for Travel and Leisure Industry

The travel and leisure industry is faced with rapidly rising costs, changing customer needs and economic pressures. FEIL helps enterprises leverage BPO as a strategy to gain competitive advantage by better managing and leading this transformation.

Building on its experience in managing a shared services center for Travelpack, a world renowned Travel Company, FEIL’s BPO services portfolio includes processes that support the entire travel and leisure industry.

The gamut of services offered include:

Sales & Services (Voice based processes – Inbound and Outbound)

  • Inbound Contact Center
    Bookings & reservations, cancellations, frequent flyer program management, customer service, tele check-in, tele sales, help desk and enquiry services.

  • Outbound Contact Center– Information disbursement, sales and research.

Back Office Transaction Processing services (Non voice processes)

  • Email response management, Back Office Data Processing, Ticketing Refunds handling, Mishandled Baggage, Queues Processing, Teletypes & Rejects, Dupes Handling, Flight Disruption Support/Rebooking Services, Frequent Flyer Programs, Rules Coding, Fares Loading and Online Support.