Become a Franchisee

Am I Qualified?

Travelpack franchisees should possess an entrepreneurial spirit and be committed to building a successful business. If you are ready for an exciting new challenge, contact us today!!

Minimum Requirements

  1. An operational business space of:
    • 250 – 500 sq.ft.
    • 500 – 1000 sq.ft
  2. Premises should preferably be under ownership.
  3. If premises on lease it must be permissible for five years.
  4. Premises should preferably be on the ground floor.
  5. Premises should be main road facing
  6. Premises should have a provision of a Sign board which will be clearly visible.
  7. Capital Investment of Rs. 10 to 15 Lakhs which is exclusive of the setup cost  borne by you.

Legal Framework

Consequence of registration

The decision to register or not register an agreement lies with the parties to the agreement. However, if an inquiry is made by the Commission who feels that an agreement should have been registered but was not, the burden of proof lies with the parties to prove that the agreement does not fall within one of the enumerated clauses of s. 33(1) of the MRTP Act.

Again, simply by registering an agreement with the Director General does not result in conceding that the agreement is one relating to restrictive trade practices. Rather, the Commission is still required to inquire (pursuant to s. 37 of the MRTP Act) if the agreement is prejudicial to public interest. After an inquiry, if the Commission finds that the agreement is prejudicial to the public’s interest, only then does the agreement become void.

Consequence of non-registration

If a party to an agreement, which is liable for registration under s. 35 read with s. 33(1) of the MRTP Act, does not register, each member of that party is penalised for the default (pursuant to s. 48(1) MRTP).

One example of a restrictive covenant commonly incorporated in a franchise agreement is a covenant not to compete. The franchisee is prevented from undertaking a business similar to the franchise business during the term of the franchise and for a certain number of years after termination. In fact, the franchisee may even be required not to solicit customers of the franchise business after termination of the franchise agreement.

Travelpack Franchise Information Request Form

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