Training and Quality

Our Talent

We have the ability to attract, retain and grow high quality talent. Performance driven culture with incentivized packages that improve performance and rewards performers. We offer a healthy work environment in order to foster a feeling of belonging amongst employees and to facilitate personal growth as well as career advancement. Constant two-way communication keeps the management abreast of employee issues and enables employees to keep track of the company’s overall direction and goals.


Training Process

Training at FEIL is an ongoing process to meet ever changing customer requirements and technologies. We invest considerable resources into training and thus enable our employees to acquire multiple skills and knowledge across technical and managerial roles. At the Entry-level, six to eight weeks of voice and accent, cultural and process training is mandatory before an associate can hit the operations floor. In order to help employees rise up the ranks there are several tailored programs. Project specific training to deal with client’s requirements & customer expectation.

Program specific training includes knowledge of geography, history, culture of the company, detailed information of product or service, its environment and different processes included to make available to customers.

Real time monitoring of Performance & Quality

  • Performance Management
    We emphasize on consistent performance of all the employees for all processes identified during Process Selection phase. Online real time reports and 100% call recording archives give Team Leaders & Management the necessary information to identify any problems. Nesting bays serve as performance monitors for fresh recruits and as remedial bays for weak performers.

  • Client Management

    We hold ourselves to a high degree of accountability from both an information management perspective as well as a client communication perspective. We believe that this level of accountability decreases the amount of time clients need to spend analyzing information available to them and improves the trust, that we will manage their business with appropriate diligence at all times.